NBS Reborn 2024

NBS Reborn 2024 17.7 Download New Update for Android

2.9 V17.7 13MB

NBS Reborn 2024 is a New ML Skin Injector that provides MLBB Hero skins Free of cost. Here we have shared the Latest Version of the APK file for all Android versions including Android 11. This application is the perfect combination of all-in-one combo for Mobile Legend Bang Bang players. With the help of this, you can easily unlock game resources like ML skins, Effect, Map, Drone View, Analogs, Recalls, Backgrounds, and more in the list. Every player wants more than expectations so in search of it, they try many apps.

NBS Reborn 2024 is a purely safe and secure app just like Reborn IMoba 2024 that doesn’t have any type of connection with your personal information as well as your device.

This is a New Injector ML Skin App that provides you with all the latest MLB gaming items that have more power. Now destroy your enemies with this new injector. It will sound like you as a pro player. Download this new injector from our website to get it free.

About NBS Reborn 2024:

NBS Reborn 2024 allows you to unlock all the premium amazing items of MLBB free of cost. It is an injector app also known as New Boxskin Injector for Mobile Legend Bang Bang. Having amazing features this app will provide what you want and what are you looking for in the game.

You will get to unlock ML skins, Effect, Map, Drone Views, Analogs, Recalls, Backgrounds, and more in the list. This new injector will help you to unlock all-new locked and premium MLBB gaming items that will help players to get their destination in the game. Every level of the MLBB game becomes tougher than earlier. Some players get a huge score or they pay money to unlock these items.

But this is not the same for everyone. Not every player scores huge and gets unlocks items of pay money. So, for such kinds of players, we are providing this new injector. It provides you with all Ads-free services. MLBB has many amazing tools to get them easily this is the best application for you.

NBS Reborn 2024 Features

  • ML Skins: The new injector provides you with a lot of ML Skins( Assassin, Skin Fighter, Skin Mage, Marksman, Skin Tank, and many other popular skins).
  • Drone View: This feature enables you to see hidden enemies through its fantastic system. Most of the time enemies get hidden and they even cannot be seen with the naked eye. So take advantage and they kill us. But this time you take advantage of this feature and shoot them.
  • Combat Effect: Now you don’t have to worry if you have a very basic Android OS. This New ML Skin Injector provides you with a combat effect. With the help of this users will enhance their MLBB experience. Now whatever your phone specification is you will get the maximum result.
  • Map: provides a map facility to locate where is the enemy. Sometimes we are unable to see where the enemies are located but this time you can easily locate where they are.
  • All Effects: There are many battle effects in Mobile Legend Bang Bang. It unlocks all including Recalls, Respawn, Eliminations, and many more are there.
  • Safe and secure: This app is safe and secure. You can use it on your device without any hesitation.
  • Free to Use: This outstanding app is free. All you have to just download and install this on your Android device.

How to Download NBS Reborn 2024?

Follow these instructions carefully so as not to face any problems while downloading this.

  • Click on the download button first.
  • After pressing the download button wait for a while. Because it took some time to download.
  • Then go to the download section of your browser. Here you will get your app.
  • Now Click on the app
  • Now it will ask you to allow unknown sources. Allow unknown sources by setting up your mobile phone.
  • For this (Unknown Sources) go to setting- then security- then you will see unknown. Just allow it.
  • Again Install.

How to Install NBS Reborn Latest Version?

  • First, download the app by pressing the download button.
  • After this follow the steps we have mentioned above for you to complete the download procedure.
  • After the downloading process is done click on the app you see in the download section of your browser.
  • Then allow the unknown sources. To allow unknown sources you just have to complete an easy task.
  • Go to the settings of your mobile phone, then click on security After all you will see the unknown sources option, then allow the unknown sources.


What type of permission is needed to run NBS Reborn 2024?

There is no permission is required except for allowing unknown sources. You just have to allow unknown sources by setting up your mobile phone.

Is it safe to download and use?

This is safe and secure to download. It doesn’t harm your device. You have to don’t worry about this. Download it from our website to get a safe and secure app.

Does this app harm my device?

No way this app is 100% safe and secure. It will not harm your device. It is specially made for Android devices.

Does this app need any personal data to run?

The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t require any personal information. Besides, this app does not need any registration process. All you have to just download it from our website.

Is NBS Reborn 2024 Free?

Yes,’ of course it is free you can get it from our website.


So, it is one of the best injector apps of this time. NBS Reborn 2024 APK has a complete package of MLBB gameplay. You can unlock all the gaming items in the game without getting into any trouble. Having an easy interference that can be used by one can increase its value among the tools. If you want to get all the resources in a limited time with a better-performing app then we suggest you download the APK file from our website and get all the benefits free of cost.