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Allstate Mobile APK V14.0.0 (Updated) Download For Android

4.3 V17.1.2 64.6MB

Today you are going to know about the Allstate Mobile APK that is developed by the Allstate Insurance Company. It facilitates people by giving drive-wise tips, insurance ID cards, policies, and Roadside assistance. With the help of this app, people can pay their bills easily and will be able to take out themselves of difficult situations.

Insurance mobile apps are becoming very important for us because that apps have the ability to store data and capability help out people in difficult times. People always prefer those apps that can help them in bad times and benefits them without any loss. So, don’t worry because you know you will get a beneficial app that will facilitate in every aspect.

Definitely, this app is here in the market for facilities users who have policies with insurance companies. This app collects the information and data of the policyholder and strictly confidential the data that is given to it. With its help of it, you can pay your bills anytime and anywhere without any hassle.

The Allstate Mobile app is for people well being and the ultimate aim is to provide insurance services. Now, you can get 24/7 assistance from this app and can get tips to maintain your profile. In fact, you can convey your message to them anytime and get feedback from the management in a few seconds. So, you can get the idea that this app is managed by active authorities and respond to your queries on time.

About Allstate Mobile APK:

The Allstate Mobile app is the only platform where you can get an insurance card, roadside number guidance, all of the above prizes, and bonuses for cooperating with the terms. It has a very simple interface and it is developed with ethical responsibility which means it takes care of your policies and gives you quick access to the essential item.

Moreover, to open the app you need an account and password verified by the specific company. Once enter the information then you can see different options like pay bills options, policies, ID cards, and claim centers. When you will start taping on the apps you will get notifications just allow them and move forward. The entire working of the app is awesome and it benefits its users because the customers are their top priority.

Allstate Mobile app Features:

  • Access ID Cards: This app helps its users by giving them a digital ID card and by this you can show the proof of insurance right on your phone. With the help of this card, you can access each policy that you have with the company.
  • Drivewise: Drivewise is the main feature of the app where you allow all states to track your movement when you are driving likewise your location, speed, braking pressure, and mobile usage. With the help of this app, authorities monitor these main aspects and give you unique discounts on insurance policies. Moreover, when you sign up or enable the drive wise you will get a 3% discount, and frequently using the option you will win bonuses and prizes.
  • Pay Bills: With the help of this app, you can quickly pay your bill and can also turn on auto payment options.
  • Allstate Digital Footprint: Once you notice that your data is taken by different companies and you are worried about it then you can file a request. Definitely, you can request them to delete the data and can take back your policies.
  • Assistance Roadside: Roadside assistance is the best service is giving by the Allstate Mobile app. It will help you wherever you need help and provide you assistance to take you out of the problem even when you are not login.
  • Basic Coverage: This app provides full information about the policy and gives you authentic coverage of the policy.
  • Provide Agent: You can regularly contact your agent and can get information about the policies.

How to install the Allstate Mobile APK?

  1. If your android device or tablet is 4.0 or higher then you can download the app.
  2. Now, enable unknown sources of your devices if you are downloading the app outside of the Google play store.
  3. Obviously, you can directly download it from the Google store.
  4. If you are downloading it for your PCs then install BlueStacks and you can access the app.
  5. For the installation process just click on the downloaded file.
  6. It will take a few minutes so wait for a while.
  7. Now, the Allstate Mobile app is installed so open the app and fill out the empty boxes.


The Allstate Mobile APK is a digital way to facilitate people by giving them insurance facilities. With its help of it, people can get insurance availability when they need it. It also gives chance to people to win discounts on their policies and get bonuses for showing good behavior and obeying the policies. So, try out this app and manage their activities at your fingertips,