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Tekken 4 Download APK Latest Version for Android 2024

4.4 V2024 36,2MB

Get the Tekken 4 APK 2024 and experience the thrill of fighting series with your iconic characters. It is the latest mod with premium features and multiple trips that will give a pleasant gaming experience. By utilizing its notable attributes you can instantly complete the series and can become king of all tournaments. 

Tekken is the world’s leading arcade game and players acquire support of premium to win the game. Now, here in this modded version game, you get access to extensive features. The main attribute of the mod is that it provides unlocked iconic characters. Moreover, the impressive feature of the mod is that it allows both single and multiplayer game modes.

What is Tekken 4 APK?

Tekken 4 mod is the best alternative to the extremely thrilling game. This modded version of the game includes plenty of features that are hard to obtain in the original game. Now, in the game, you will obtain iconic characters, unique shooting tricks, and several safety shields. In the game, you can participate in single-player mode and can also experience the thrill of multiplayer game mode.

Moreover, here you can easily unlock different fighting styles of characters and can unseal jump-suited grunts. Tekken 4 Mod also offers unlimited health and time bonuses that will increase the life span of your character. Apart from the tournaments, players can also play the practice mode and can improve their fighting skills for survival. So, get the mod improve your fighting skills, and become the unbeatable player in all series of the game.

Tekken 4 Mod Features

It is full of notable features with 3D fighting animations. You will love each feature and will get immersed in the fighting series. So, let’s have a look at the fascinating features of the mod.

Game Modes

Tekken 4 mod version of the game includes several game modes and players can play their favorite game mode.

  • Force Game mode.
  • Practice or Training Mode.
  • Attacking Time.
  • Multiplayer and Single Modes.
  • Arcade Game Mode.

Unlock Iconic Characters

Now, players can select their favorite character and can play fighting series. These characters contain different fighting skills.

  • King and Combat.
  • Lei Wulong and Panda.
  • Steve Fox and Nina Williams.
  • Jun Kazama and Christy Monterio.

New Fighting Styles 

All character in the game possesses unique fighting styles and players can combat the battle in a different way.

  • Kung Fu and Vale-tudo.
  • New Karate.
  • Lucha and Libre.
  • Lock.

Unique Locations

In the game, you will get a chance to play tournaments in different locations. In fact, you can also select the locations.

  • Sandy beaches.
  • Fresh jungles.
  • Unique buildings.

Additional Features of Tekken 4 Action Game

  • Improved graphics as compared to Tekken 3 and 4.
  • Innovative themes.
  • Friendly and smooth user interface.
  • Unique gameplay (thrilling fighting series).
  • Minimizes the crashes and bugs.
  • Tournaments and series.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Support all Android devices.
  • No unwanted ads.
  • Easy and free download.

How to download and install the Tekken 4 2024?

  1. The download button is placed at the top of the page.
  2. Now, tap on the download button and begin the download process.
  3. Go to the settings menu on your devices and enable unknown sources.
  4. The downloaded file will be available on the file manager click on it to install the file.
  5. There you go! The mod is available and enjoys the fighting series.


If you want to enjoy the Tekken 4 in a unique way using its fascinating features then download the Tekken 4 APK on your devices. Now, in the game you play the battles using your iconic characters with different fighting styles. In fact, in the game, you will go through several fighting series and can play the single as well as multiplayer game modes. So, if you want to become an unbeatable player then get the mod and enjoy.